The Subject

“In the beginning there was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

This statement is echoed by His Lordship (or for that matter Her Ladyship) saying, Yeah,
“I am the Alpha & Omega, the beginning and the end,
the first and the last!..”

Since the end of 1980s, I have been working on the ins and outs of these enigmatic references for a divine speech and a couple of signs with universal connotations. And in due time, I have reached some quite remarkable conclusions which are completely different from what the world-wide circle of experts in linguistics impose on us by their scholastic hypo- theses at present.

In fact, using their rules of phonetic analysis to deduce the development of old languages and then to classify them into sound related groups is a misleading, even dangerous, method...
[ Another Language Tree? ]

Saying that the original Mother Tongue may be reconstructed this way then becomes a pure intellectual speculation that is bound to end up in fabricating yet another new Esperanto.

The Purpose

The purpose of this site is to give you a glimpse of the unique method that I have devised during my non-academic research, which was basically focused on what the common factors of a divine speech and a couple of signs with universal connotations could ever be.

The unique method that answered my questions about those speech-signs turned out to be
an interpretation of the aphonetic & provisual analysis of root syllables, with an explicit potential of leading us to the discovery of a Universal Mother Tongue which mankind lost
eons ago and then forgot all about it.

Restoration of this Mother Tongue shall enable us to reach the common origins of our progenitors and understand how their alleged unity in a proto-language was in fact the biological outcome of a handful of stamps, branded into our genetic code at the very outset, that is to say, in the beginning --of creation !..

Because our One and Only, therefore Lonely God (or Goddess) once happened to say,
"Fiat : Lux[(am)or] !.." ; and lo, there was light!.. 

Interestingly enough, when the Sky*rooT United : stamps or speech-signs are used for this decree to create the light, they also spell out love & reason & good luck at the same time!..

The Scope

Coexistence of such associated meanings within a set of syllabaries is characteristic of our Universal Mother Tongue.

The fundamental implication here is that the spoken languages of today did not ever evolve from the phonetic gargles of cave-dwelling primates in prehistory, but proliferated from successive transformations of a cosmic Alpha & Omega of the root tong once held so rigorously sacred. Very faint reminiscences of this process are narrated in some ancient tales such as The Tower of Babel.

You are now about to take a look at this amazing subject from a novel point of view.
And while surfing through the site, please do keep in mind what Mahmut of Kashgar, the great Turkish linguist who lived in the 11th century, said:

         The archer that never misses is Rain,
         The sage that never mistakes is Echo...


Doğan Türker
Ankara, March 2002