Socrates had warned...


“It is possible to alter the forms of these nouns by the aid of syllables.

When this is done, despite their still being the same, someone who knows nothing about this matter, supposes that they are all different from each other... One who understands the nouns considers their values and effects, and he cannot be deceived by a letter added, or displaced, or discarded; not even when the value of the noun is stated in entirely different letters…

Don’t you know that the first-appointed nouns were put into unrecognizable forms in the hands of those who wanted them look imposing? They affixed or removed letters to make them sound nice; with their desire to beautify, time bended and shifted the words into so many different appearances.”

Retranslated by Doğan Türker from “Eflatun; Kratylos, çev.: Suat Baydur, MEB Batı Klasikleri 37, İstanbul 1989, pp. 31-32, 66”.

“I think that the Ellens, and specially those in places under the foreigners’ hegemony, have adopted many nouns from the alien nations. ... You will anticipate that anyone who sets to investigate the origin of nouns, shall end up in a confusion if he does this work according to the Greek language and  care not for the native language those nouns originally came from.” 

Op.cit. p. 64 



ış.oğh.or : öt.üş