Our 10 years on the Internet


Presuming the presence of some marks resembling the bow and arrow stamp signs of the original Göktürk1 inscription on an asteroid hurled down from deep space may be a pure illusion as well as the very proof of a too hard-to-believe reality in itself.    

Whichever the case, the radical bond of the mankind with the arrow and bow is a fact undeniable.

According to an opinion, “the bows and arrows of creation” are the substances of meta-time and the primordial symbols of times.

They depict the dynamic nature of creative light (the word that was light) both as shooting straight forth in beams as well as churning in the form of waves and particles.        

Of course, motion initiated by the creative force’s command "be! .."  corresponds to that of the billions of seed erupting from the male arrow and dashing to their target in the female womb .

In this short article of ours, we used the terms bow and arrow in interchanged sequence, since they do not have any precedence over each other.   

Because of this, our celestial progenitors have ordained, "the arrow can’t be shot without a bow, and the bow can’t be strung without an arrow!".

Similarly, our declaration extends as far back into the ancient times as it equally does forward to those upcoming.   

To the very head and stern2 of the big bang...

Happy Tenth Anniversary to all of us. For so many years to come...


Hülya Akdoğan

Antalya, October 29, 2012




1 Göktürk or Köktürk is the name of the Central Asian Turkish empire in the 7th c. AD. In our ancient Turkish gök meant blue; sky; god and east.

2 head and stern *  the word başlangıç, being used to mean beginning in modern Turkish, is in fact an amalgamation of two basic terms, namely baş-ılan-gıç, which render such   meanings as head & arse; head & stern; anterior & posterior; beginning & ending; as well as what is implied by the divine statement in revelation 22:13, alpha & omega.